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The "small" concert grand for the professional player


The M-220 The "small" concert grand for the professional player. That means, whether as a professional pianist or an ambitious amateur, with the M-220 with great power, colorful sound transparency and wonderful playing style.

All instruments of the Master-Grand Line have German premium hammerheads from Renner/Abel, Renner machine heads, Röslau string wire, a soundboard made from fine spruce from Strunz and undergo extensive tonal and technical processing by our experienced piano technicians in Rietzer Berg.

Technical specifications

  • maximum length: 220cm

  • max. width / depth: 156cm / 103cm

  • Net weight: 390kg

  • Piano mechanics: hit

  • Hammerheads: Abel

  • Soundboards: Strunz

  • Cast plate: sand mold casting GG20

  • Keyboard: spruce wood from Bavaria

  • Sound post: maple

  • Bridges: sycamore 

  • Game Weight: Lower/Upper Key    48g  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5d_523d-8cde-3b cf

  • Ebony Upper Keys: Standard

  • Subkeys mineral: Standard

  • Full Real Wood Guarantee: Standard

  • Tropical: Default

  • Sustain Pedal (Sostenuto)    Standard


instrument setup

mechanical structure

"Renner" brand, made from around 6000 parts of wood, metal, leather and felt. Designed according to the latest knowledge for professional demands.


Spruce wood from Bavaria, individually balanced for an even playing style


Bridges made of carefully selected sycamore maple ensure good sound transmission to the soundboard



Manufactured by Strunz, exclusively from mountain spruce with a particularly fine growth habit. Is glued to the pegs under tension with a slight curvature and amplifies the vibrations of the strings.



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